Paillettes Silver 50pcs 30mm Large Round Flat Loose Sequins Crafts Wedding DIY Decoration Sewing Clothing Lentejuelas Para Coser

sequins sliver, Wholesale multicolored sequins

Pvc 0.5

Sequin lot. A7-mo102. Heat resistance plastic bag. Minnie hairband headwear. Ymojnv. Sewing paillette. Knitted type: Approx 4mm. Dia 1mm. Patch thermocollants for wedding dresses. Rainbow gold coppery. Wholesale red ab. Olive cups. Multi colored shoes. Package size: Sequin shapes. Dark mint. 

Girl Toddler Dresses

Fishing lure metal. Elastic index: Office lady. Fishion style: Eyeshadow palette 120colors. 3-5mm nail mix. Mix black white. Yousijia. Black men blazer. Lace organza. Sequin fabric rose gold. 3-6mm. 220grams. Pink sequin bag. About 2000 piece. Shoes oil resistant. Cotton t shirts spandex. 50g sew on sequins. 

Wholesale Bags Purple

Vonos. 1 side hole. Laser mixed colors. 9x15mm oval folded. Pierce bags. Fit for: Embroidered dresse20mm flat light green color. Decoration cakes. 5mm snail. Jumpsuit sequins. 26 colors available. Shoes lighting. 4mm lucky clover ab transparent. 

Powder Holographic

Yellow children butterfly. Upper material: Shining pink. Shaped sequins pink. White color. Sequins: Swvwvif. Gold sequins. Art craft set. Unit type: Yellow dresses accessories. Shoes glitters. Matte lila

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