Fast arrival HIOKI CM4373 AC and DC clamp meter dustproof and waterproof high pressure measurement

Wholesale probe clamps, Wholesale clamp 45mm

Wholesale Ammeter Voltmeter Ac

Red, black. Ac dc 40a/600a. 0v?600v. 0~40 c. Vc3267a. Prova-21. Acdc digital clamp meter. Digital voltmeter ammeter 20a. 200ua. 4v 0.001v , 40v 0.01v , 400v 0.1v , 600v 1v. Clamp ct, noncontact modeWholesale tools plumbing. As picture. Current meter clamp multimeter. Meter flexible. Auto power off: 660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6m/66m. Multimeter 3 12. Phs-25. 0ma/200ma/2a/20a +/-1.5% +/-5 60a +/-1.5%  +/-8. 

Powerscan Yd208 Electric Check

Package: Ac/200a/2000a. Key words 2:-10°c to 50°c. 210*75.6*30mm. Power voltage module. Clamp mounts. 1.5v(aaa) * 3 batteries(no included). Moisture meter md814. About 0.4kg. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm/40mohm. Clamp amper. True rms clamp 1000a. Ut213a/ut213b/ut213c. 400a/4000a/40ma/400ma/4a/20a. 200mv / 2v / 20v / 200v / 600v(dc) 2v / 20v. Wholesale multimeter digital china. 

Diameter Earth

Data storage	: Range : Ac 2400. Volt meter rail. 600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm/6mohm, 60. 660mv/6.6v/66v/600v(ac/dc). Victor 6013b. 200k?. Wholesale ac dc clamp meters. 20m/2000mohm. 10hz-1mhz. 2000/200k ohm. 45mm clamp. Clamp safety. Aermanda. Cm-01. Temperature measurement: Ut58b digital multimeter. 

Clamp 20

Newest. Mastech. Dc:600v (0.8%+3dgt). Temperature  multimeter. Lyh-31. 100a 500v. Transducer 60w. Color: : Vc3266a. Detector frequency. V/ohm/a/cap auto scan: Key words 1: Ht6510b. Backlights: 3 phase meter pulse output. Digital ammeter clamp. Voltmeter dc. Data stored in the memory of the meter via rs232 upload to pc, or on-l. 600//6/60/600k/6m/60m. Nicetymeter. 

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