5000pcs(50g) 6mm Flat Loose Sequins Paillette Sewing For Crafts Scrapbooking confetti decoration for sewing garment etc.

clothing blue royal, dress embellished

Sequin Mickey

16mm flat. 4mmcuplasergolden. Glass decorations. Light pink color. Metallic no.9. Size 13 womens shoe. Decoration nails. Metallic #373. 1000pcs/bag. Bedding. Wholesale sequins sewing 3mm. 20g/bag. Royes bridal. 1cm side hole mix matte random. Sequin trim. Ivory 6. 

16mm 1000pcs

6mmsolidfatsequins30g. Brilliant crystalDark pink color. 3/4/8mm square sequins. Halloween sequin. Wholesale seperatory funnels. 3mmflatround. Decoration lime. Satin shell. 010001029. 13mm snowflakesGold assay. Joining together. 

Glitters Diy

Sequins reversibles. Kid crafts art. 16mm dia. Change reversibleAs the photo. 010001028. Wholesale shoes plastic. Isequins. One piece swimsuit. Eyes black 3 mm. Feature: Long sleeve. Technics: Maocwee. Random mixed color. 5mm flat mixed. 

Puffy Nylon

Wholesale china clothes. Whether the inventory: Seq2811026. Package: 015001015. Vest multi pocket. Platinum shoes. 9 kinds. Abrasion resistance. 8mm sequins. 500pcs bags. Red color 5#. 14mmx22mm. Women yellow bag. Multi mixed. 

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