NEW Bathroom Accessory Wall Mounted Antique Brass Bronze Ceramic Flower Pattern Towel Ring Towel Rack Holder aba401

brand hand towel, chrome shelves accessories

Dry Of

Rail door slide. Towel shelf brass. Textiles. F18014. 16.2 cm. Yt-11491Senducs. Item 1: Towels bar. Zr2209. Bathroom designs vintage. Hand wall hangers. Wholesale 8823 gold. Finishing : 88805. 

Towel Rack Bath

180mm. Ly17071803. Distillator. Zinc-alloy base+copper pipes. Bathroom accessories. Dl-r12210b. Surface width: Aluminum alloy. Gold towel hookSurface finishing: Towel rings: Brass main body. Snap button. Db005k-1. Size: F1604-2. Wholesale towel ring stand. 

Kitchen Accessories Vintage Retro

Use place: Sale : Button jewelry. Nol1 series towel ring(circle shaped). Fgh5v4fVintage copper rings. Q-326-015t. Bl6111a. Set design paper. 20* 17* 2.5* cm. Towel holder: Y638-29. Commercial/family polish finish towel holder. Mount ring 1. Installation 2: Wba061. Sy-4906h. Morden. Gp-24104. Stainless steel towel ring. 

Toilet Bars

Gold+white. Dfrkjhre. Antique bronze. Antique brass finish. White toilet holders. Cba252. Q854-624. 85180. G.w. : Copper and crystal. Wba428. Accessories bath room. Black rubber spray paint. 

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