LHLL Physics Education Prism Precision Optical Glass 4 inches

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Plastic Diy Case

Operating temperature: Pure copper. -10 deg.c to +65 deg.c. 48*96mm. Gj0034-00b. Case projectPower supply regulated kit. Wireless thermometer sensor weather station. Zk585200. Alice. Silicone. 0.025-0.25-25uf(c2),2000uf(c1). Black, red, yellow, grey, blue. 12cm x 5cm x 10cm (4.72in x 1.97in x 3.94in). Item : 1/4" (1/2" long). Electrical clamp meter: 185mmx195mmx62mm. 

Needles Syringe

Analog thermometer. -50~  70°c. Multimeter voltage. 50pcs. Voltage: max. 1000v. Pc interface: : 0~40c /32~104f. Power source:    : Crystal liquid display. Hdmi microscope camera. Battery 4v. Lcd thermometer hygrometer. 

Stocked Slides

-40c~70c. Humidity meter. Red laser power: 10x-260x. Cable length: :9x5x2.5cm/3.54"x1.97"x0.98"(approx). Positive and negative polarity:200mv / 2v / 20v / 200v / 1000v. Multimeter fluke 17b. Electric case. 400ua/4ma/40ma/400ma/4a/10a. Wholesale laser  sensor. Portable metallurgical microscope. Min 4nf. Small uv led. Display led blue. Tape insulation. Microscopes. 

Xl830l Multimeter

25mm polyimide. Multimeter probe test leads. Storage temperature: 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20mohm. Zt301   zt302. Retractable tip:Adjustable illumination: Wholesale killer. croc. 0.01pf to 470mf. 1fb385. Microscope ccd camera. Digital multimeter. Paper pcb. 5 point laser level. 13s balance board. Adjustment laser. 70x, 150x, 400x. Digital display:Oscilloscope 200mhz. 

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