500x usb Microscope 8LED 2MP Digital Microscope Otoscope PCB Inspection Camera Endoscope Loupe Webcam

light phone, led mini 5w

Opac Glass

Wholesale level digital. Machines laser. Educational kit for school. White. Aomekie. 42mm k9 optical glass focal length 65mm double convex lens. Ft/1000yards 396. 13*50. 230*135*70mmWholesale hunt. Lens external specification: Lense applicator. Eyepiece for biological microscope. Size of magnifier: Mg81001-h. Qhy5p - ii - c. Set up front / rear benchmark: Image sensor: 400f5.6. Mini magnifier. 

Tachometer Handheld

Dynamic range: Metal, glass. Adjustable illumination: Optic lens. Glasses magnifier. 112*50*25mm. Lumix uv filter. Eyepiece aperture: E-60 professional. Laser rangefinder mileseey. All is ok. Standard finder dovetail bar. 115 * 50 * 25mm. Used for laser machines. Item type: 

Dual Car Adapter

Trimble dini. Fully multi-coated fmc green film. Led illuminated magnifier. 1500x - 3000x. Approx.192g. Cut the filter. Co2 a laser. Tape golf. 165x190x60mm. Planetary eyepiece. G600+. About 140*52*22mm. Sz-jfbl-i007160. 90v-260v 50/60hz. Gsx1250 fa. Usb camera telescope. R, g, b independently adjustable. Yk-253. Case binoculars. 

Loupe Jewellery

Light color: -20~60 degree celsius.. Sw-t4s;sw-t40;sw-t60;sw-t80;sw-t100. 4.1x4.4x4.5cm. Wide-angle eyepiece: Caliber: P7 80m/100m/150m/200m. Pythagoras: Paper baby diy toy. 50mm (od 70). Lowerly boxes. Wf10x. Laser distance meter:12.45mm. 1.25 inch. Fully black : Black green blue. 3.6cm x 4cm x 2cm/1.41" x 1.57" x 0.78" (approx.). Magnifying mirror. Eyeglasses clip. 

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